Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Writing from the Streets

I'm homeless again. It sucks big-time. I have no where to go and at night no where to sleep. I found a small wooden structure that has a horseshoe shape of benches. It's a little tall so there is a little privacy except when people walk by. They can see inside as they stroll past the structure.

It's totally better than sleeping on the pavement. I spent the better part of a week on the pavement before I found this 'new place'.

I'm hoping that this is temporary. I do have an income. The problem is I live in San Francisco and rents are high.

Most hotels charge $350 a week. And those are considered 4 and 5 stars where 5 is the worst. It's better than the streets, but at that rate I can pay only two weeks per month.

I was staying with a friend paying him $20 a day until I got kicked out by the building's management. The suspended all visits because of the omicron virus.

I hope that visitor ban is lifted soon. It's cold out here and I have to wait 12 days I get paid. Life really does suck sometimes :-(

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