Saturday, January 30, 2016

Which Way did He Go?

I just created this image with the Android app. It took me about 5 minutes but it was a lot of fun.  My account on PicsArt is

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hot Hands in Trouble

I just created this picture and I think it is so cool. Look at the hands closely you'll see something.

Image Credit: ricoramiro

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2016 - The Start of Happiness

I'd been wanting to include a list like this for a while and I finally got around to it today.

I hope you learn about how to change your life with this list.  I've certainly learned a lot!

Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2016 - The Start of Happiness

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Video Motivation Needed

I created the video below in an effort to motivate myself to change my life.  I am stuck and I'm getting high all the time.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Do You Remain Calm During Stressful Moments?

I haven't written a blog post in a couple weeks because I've been busy getting high.  Yes, I relapsed again and I'm consuming drugs almost every day now.   Some how I manage to get 1 or 2 days a week sober and if I'm lucky, I'll get three days sober in one week.

The number of days I'm sober doesn't sound like a lot, but it is more than I was getting a year ago when I consumed crack cocaine in large amounts every day.  On a good day I'd smoke $100 or more of crack and I'd want more.

This morning I thought about writing an article for this blog and a few minutes I came across the content below.  I found it on, of all places for me to be, a website dedicated to women's issues and parenting.

I'm not a parent and I'm definitely not a woman.  I found the blog while performing research on


Your ability to maintain your composure has a direct effect on your performance. One recent study, conducted by TalentSmart, showed that about 90 percent of top performers know how to control their emotions during stressful situations.

They have numerous strategies that they employ when hard-pressed so they can navigate through challenges with so much ease. It's an art that takes a great amount of practice but if done correctly and continuously, these strategies are a surefire way to keep your cool when things heat up.

What they do:

They are always glued on the big picture

What most people do when faced with stress is react. All their solutions are whipped up, mostly at the expense of the overall outcome.

Successful people on the other hand always have their eyes glued on the big picture. They make their decisions based on the projected outcome. Nothing that comes in between is enough to make them veer off from their main goal.

They meditate

Mindfulness practice trains the brain to stay cool when things go awry so you can end up with a collected head space. That’s important because it helps you tame the “gratification monkey” and at the same time prevent your thoughts from loafing around without your conscious input.

All you have to do is program your mind to access stillness whenever you need it. Do this consistently, at least twice a day—morning and evening, and you’ll have mastered one trick successful entrepreneurs use to keep calm in every tough situation.

They forgive

Successful people rarely hold grudges. Neither will you find them being retributive. To them, inner peace takes precedence over every urge to take revenge.

They know without forgiving those who rub them the wrong way they’ll never be able to keep their composure when things fail to turn up as expected.

They stay positive

Successful entrepreneurs can see the silver lining in almost everything. They take pride in the lessons they've learned. When faced with challenges they see new opportunities.

They have the “everything happens for a reason" mindset, which also explains their non-quitting habit. Because, in a situation where everybody will be contemplating to call it quits, they’ll be fastening their safety belts to flow with the tide.

They take deep breaths

When your thoughts get muddled up, and you're feeling overwhelmed, a fresh supply of oxygen is all your brain needs. Take deep breaths when stressed out and your brain will revert to functioning normally.

That way, your synapses get to fire off more connections so you can make better decisions or gain access to more options.

Keeping your composure in a tough situation is very important to anyone who wants to maintain high-performance levels at all times. So besides the five techniques we have highlighted, what other trick do you use to keep your cool whenever things fall out of place?

To visit her blog, please use the link in this sentence.

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