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Visualize the Change You want to Create In Your Life

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Welcome to the Trying to Change My Life blog. If you're new here, my name is Ramiro Rodriguez aka ricoramiro and I'm responsible for all the content on this site.

I have been successful at changing my life for the better in the past so you can rest assured I know what I'm talking about. I write about my experiences with certain self-help techniques and the struggles I face every day.

Change Your Life for the Better with Visualization

The imagination is incredibly powerful. I have used it to change my life for the better more than once and I've unwittingly used it to ruin my life as well.

For example, by using my imagination I was able to become an eBay power seller in only three months. It takes most eBay sellers six months to a year to reach power seller status. I was able to grow my eBay business so fast simply by imagining myself packing customer orders every night.

I also duplicated that success by launching and growing a press release writing services business. I received so much work every week, I had to hire two additional writers to help me keep up with the demand.

How to Visualize Your New Way of Living

Visualization is not difficult to perform. You simply imagine doing what it is you want out of life. For instance, if you want to become a surgeon visualize yourself operating on patients and you imagine yourself talking to your patients. Your subconscious mind will take care of the rest.

Don't worry about how it will happen. Your job is simply to visualize what you want, then go about living your life.

To be effective, visualization should be performed for ten minutes non-stop. What you do is set your alarm clock for ten minutes later, lay down and use your imagination to 'see' yourself doing what you want.

Video - How to Visualize Correctly! (Law Of Attraction) Great Stuff!

The video below will help you understand visualization a little better. It is only eight minutes long so it won't take a lot of time to learn how to change your life for the better.

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