Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Remember Change is Hard

Trying to change your life for the better is incredibly difficult. We know that because most of the time we fail when we try to change a certain part of our life. It's also difficult to change when our friends and family put pressure on us to do, or not do, something we are trying to avoid.

The text below is from the MyFitness Pal blog. It's from the article, What To Say When People Push Food on You. The article helps people recognize that change is difficult for not only the person trying to change, but for everyone in the person's inner circle.

Remember that change is hard. For everyone. When we were discussing food pushers, a client of mine who had lost a lot of weight let me in on her very unique strategy: “I remember that I’m not the only one dealing with change.”

She recognized that as scared as she was of people pressuring her, a lot of the people pushing food on her were doing it because they were scared.

They didn’t want their friend to change because it meant they might have to change. They didn’t want their friend to turn down a drink because it meant that they might have to reflect on why they needed that drink.

“So I started thinking of them like bears. You know, more scared of me than I am of them?” That change in mindset was enough to take some of the power back and more easily say “no” to an extra helping of pie.

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