Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Met with the Social Worker here at SFNC

I just attended a meeting with Eric, the social worker here at the San Francisco Nursing Center. He said he's working on my discharge plan and showed me all the paperwork involved in creating the document. I was in his office 20 minutes, then he came to my room to ask me to sign a document.

Eric is very good at what he does. I'm going to miss this place and the employees who helped me get back in shape so I could walk again and be more independent. This place really helped me begin to change my life. and I'm grateful.

A guardian angel must've been looking out for me when I was brought here. I got really lucky because everyone here is is very professional and they truly want to help their patients change their life for the better.

Discharging SFNC in Two Days

I'm leaving here on Thursday, November 19th and, to be honest, I'm a little scared. They have taken care of me for the last three months and they've done such a good job that I don't want to leave just yet. If it we're up to me, I'd leave when I'm 100% mobile.

I'll be discharging on crutches because I cannot take the wheelchair. Eric asked me to leave it here when I leave because it belongs to the facility. He did offers an alternative. He said I can go to San Francisco General Hospital to request a wheelchair. However, it won't be worth the effort because by the time I'm approved for a wheelchair at General, I'll be fully mobile.

At any rate, I'm leaving in two days and moving into a new place at 44 McAllister Street. That has me a little scared too because it's going to be a new place with new people. I have to become more social in order to meet the other residents.

It's Time to Set Some Goals

One of the first I'm going to do at the new place is set some goals so I have an idea of what I want to achieve next year.

It's currently late November so we have only 1 1/2 months in 2015. The new year is quickly approaching and it's time for me to create a different life.

I know I want to start a new business but I'm not sure how I'm going to do it or how I'm going to make money to support myself. I'll be guided by my guardian angel so I'm not really worried.

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