Thursday, November 5, 2015

If The Mind Can Cure Cancer it Can Help Us Make Our Life Better

Image Credit: The Secret

People have been performing self-healing for thousands of years so it's nothing new. However, most of those healings are few and far between and the media only report the healings which will benefit them in some way, so we don't always know what's happening in our society.

The video below demonstrates how a man used his mind to cure his cancer after he'd been told he had only a few days to live. The mind is incredibly powerful. As the doctor in the video reveals, the mind can heal us while at the same time it can induce illnesses. It works both ways.

If we can heal ourselves, then we can make our life better using our mind. Read the paragraphs below before you watch the video.

Improve Your Life with Your Imagination

Can you see the difference between yourself right now and the image of yourself in your mind? Your job, believe it or not, is to become as much like the version of yourself in that picture as you can.

Begin today to walk like that image. Talk like that now and behave like that now. Don't wait until tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.

Use the 'Act as if' trick to begin to slowly change your life. It will benefit you tremendously if you begin a self-help program today because, when you become the person in your imagined picture, you will have shifted yourself to the frequency of your desire, and it must AND will manifest in your life.

Identify Roadblocks that are Holding You Back

If you find yourself not being able to begin a self-help program because of work or family constraints, try to pinpoint the exact issue. A problem solving technique that works well is to reword the problem.

Stating the problem differently often leads to different ideas which will help you get to the root of the issue.

To reword the problem look at the issue from different angles. Answer the questions below to get more clarity.

  • Why do you need to solve the problem?
  • What's the roadblock here?
  • What will happen if you don't solve the problem?

On this blog I've written about my problems with drugs and alcohol and I've also written about my successes in business and being able attain sobriety at certain stages of my life.

The successes I've experienced can be achieved by anyone as I used my mind just like the man in the video. We all have the same mind, so we all can achieve great things.

Can the Mind Cure Cancer?

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