Saturday, November 14, 2015

Finally Got a Discharge Date and I'm Ready for Positive Changes in My Life

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In my last blog post I wrote about a tentative discharge date and I may have jumped the gun, because late in the afternoon on Friday, I got a discharge date from the San Francisco Nursing Center. I'll be leaving the facility on November 19th in the morning. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

I'm also feeling a little scared because I'll be moving in to a new place on the same day. The apartment building I'm moving into is named CCR which is short for Civic Center Residence and it's located at 44 McAllister Street which is in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

I know someone who lived at CCR in the past and, according to my friend, it's a nice, modern building with an elevator and a front desk clerk. It's a half block from a lot of illegal activity.

Ready to Make Positive Changes in My Life

Visitors to the property will have to sign in and present a valid identification card to be able to see me. I think I like the idea of moving into a secured building because it'll help me remain drug free and away from people that may be a bad influence on me.

As I've written many times on this blog, I'm ready to make positive changes in my life and moving into CCR is a good, fresh start.

Amenities in the building include a laundry room, a room with a large screen television and a full kitchen that can be used only by the residents. The apartments come with a small kitchenette which includes a small sink and a microwave oven so access to a full kitchen is a needed amenity. Other amenities include the following:

  • bed
  • refrigerator
  • microwave
  • armoire
  • restroom

TNDC, The property management company, provides 24-hour desk clerk coverage. The building has eight-floors with two elevators. Accessible units are available for individuals with mobility impairments. Other accessibility modifications may also be requested.

I really hope I can change my life for the better in my new place. I'm tired of moving from place to place. I plan to Live there at least two years or more.

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