Saturday, October 24, 2015

Surgery Date is Near - Will I Change After it's Complete?

My surgery date is set for October 29th, which is less than a week away. I've been through surgery in the past and I haven't been afraid, but this time I'm a little scared. And I'm wondering if I'll be able to change my life for the better.

There are risks with any kind of surgery so I'm sure it's okay to be Scared. However, I'm wondering why I wasn't scared before. What's different now than in the past?

What has Changed in My Thinking?

I think I'm scared because I had a consultation with my anesthesiologist yesterday . She asked me a lot of questions and I signed a few papers which is something I hadn't performed in the past.

I asked the doctor why I had to go through all that and she said I was hospitalized before the past surgeries so the procedure was different. That makes sense. But it's scary nonetheless.

As always, I'm positive and I'm sure the surgery will go well. In fact, I'll be 100% better after the operation. I'll be walking normal and as good as new.

I have to change my life after I'm discharged from the hospital if I don't want to go through something like this again.

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