Thursday, October 1, 2015

San Francisco General Hospital Visit with Podiatrist

Hello and welcome,

I'm happy you decided to visit because I need a little support. I'm currently at SFGH - San Francisco General Hospital for an appointment with my podiatrist. They're going to take off the wound vacuum to expose the wound, look at it, then determine whether or not to move forward with a skin graph.

If I get selected for a skin graph, I'll be admitted to SFGH for at least seven days. I may also have to return to the San Francisco Nursing Center for another stint.

Maybe it won't hurt as much when they remove the woundvac as it did during my last visit. Healing is progressing nicely although the wound is not shrinking as quickly as I'd like.

I can feel my right foot getting better every day. Today I was able to use it and although it hurts now, it was worth the effort.

I am getting better and better too. With each passing day I move forward towards my goal of writing for a living.

Thanks for visiting the Trying to Change My Life

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