Monday, October 26, 2015

Many Ways to Change Your Life

There are many ways to change your life, but I can talk about only a few methods because they are what I've used in the past. The methods I know well are saying an affirmation over and over, practicing self-compassion and visualization.

Watch the Anthony Robbins video below after you read the text for more information on how to change your life. It's a good video. He talks about how raising your standards will automatically change what you want and cause you to take a different path.

Currently, I am practicing self-compassion and I have to admit it works extremely well. I don't beat myself up as much and I'm nicer to myself most of the time. It truly is a great way to create changes in my life.

Self-Compassion Creates Change from Within

The great thing about self-compassion is that it alters your thinking slowly and thereby creates lasting change. It's a change from within which has a lasting impact and it's noticeable in your speech and the way in which you treat yourself.

Self-compassion isn't difficult. You simply treat yourself as you would a close friend. You respect yourself more, you give yourself advice and you're nicer to yourself.

Another Way to Create Life Changes is by Repeating Positive Affirmations

I've had great success with affirmations and because of that I highly recommend it. I call it performing a mental exercise.

Positive affirmations don't 'stick' sometimes so you may have to begin again. For example, I had a bad case of bleeding gums in 2006. Every time I brushed my teeth my gums would bleed profusely. They bled so much the blood would cover my teeth and the water in the sink would turn pink.

To solve the bleeding gums issue, I created an affirmation that read, "My teeth and gums are healthy." I repeated the affirmation for 10 minutes every morning after I brushed my teeth. After two weeks my gums stopped bleeding. I wasn't surprised because I knew the power I had.

The Positive Affirmation didn't Create Lasting Change

What did surprise me was that my gums started bleeding again after a few weeks. The affirmation didn't stick, so I began performing the same mental exercise and a week later my gums stopped bleeding and they haven't bled since then.

In fact, after the second time my teeth felt as if I'd just had them cleaned and they still feel that way today. The last time I visited the dentist she advised me that I had a very clean mouth. She said I had strong saliva that killed the germs responsible for creating gingivitis. I just smiled at her because I knew the real reason my teeth were clean.

To be effective, an affirmation should be repeated for 10 minutes non-stop every morning. If you have time, you should perform the mental exercise every night right before you go to sleep.

Anthony Robbins Greatest Told Story and Creating Lasting Change

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