Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kristin Video on Overcoming Objections to Self-Compassion

I've been practicing self-compassion for several months now. It's not easy to do because the old thought patterns surface and since I'm used to those thoughts, I entertain them until I remember to be nicer to myself.

Something I discovered that helps me to remember is I treat myself as I would a friend by giving myself advice and telling myself it's okay to do something wrong, or that it's okay to make a bad decision. When I approach my life that way, I'm more compassionate with myself.

Compassion for Others Leads to Compassion for Self

Something else I've learned is compassion for others translates into compassion for the self. Acceptance of others has the same affect.

I hope you enjoy the video on the objections to self compassion. It's only twelve minutes long and we'll worth time.

My goal is to continue to be compassionate towards others and to mindfully practice self-compassion.

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