Sunday, October 18, 2015

Friend Ignacio Núñez Visited Today

I'm feeling pretty good right now because my friend Ignacio Núñez just left. He came to visit for the second time in less than a week. And, thankfully, he brought me a cigarette.

Photo Credit: ricoramiro

Ignacio is running for mayor of San Francisco. He has all the signatures he needs to get on the ballot. He won't win, but he could disrupt the election.

My roommate here at the San Francisco Nursing Center and I were talking about how to tell who your friends really are. If you're in the hospital or in jail, your real friends will write to you or visit if you're in the same city.

I have a serious decision to make soon. Part of getting off drugs and changing your life is letting go of friends that are still using narcotics.

It's hard enough to change your life when you're alone so it is almost impossible if you're still hanging around people that use drugs.

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