Friday, October 16, 2015

Finally Got a Surgery Date for Skin Graft

I'm excited and scared at the same time because of an upcoming surgery date. I'm excited because the podiatrist scheduled the surgery for the skin graft and I'm scared because she's going to lengthen my Achilles tendon.

I sent an email to my primary care provider expressing my concern about the tendon lengthening and she said not to worry. My PCP said it's necessary to lengthen the tendon so I have full range of motion in my right leg.

The picture above contains the preoperative instructions I received from the podiatrist. I have to meet with the anesthesia doctor before surgery and I have to do a couple other things as well.

Today is Friday, October 16th. I've had a very busy week and I'm glad the weekend is here. I plan to relax this weekend by not doing too much work. Maybe I'll work on some digital art to post next week.

I wrote about 8 articles this week and I published more than 20 abstract images some on ricoramiro DeviantArt and some on ricoramiro.PicsArt.

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