Monday, October 5, 2015

Busy Monday Morning with Wound Vac Change

Today is a day I wish would be over sooner rather than later. My wound is hurting something fierce today to the point it is throbbing. It actually began hurting last night but I didn't feel it as much because I took a morphine pill and my psych meds, and went out like a lightbulb with no power.

I smoked some weed earlier today to see if it would ease the pain and it did. The marijuana worked well as a pain relief option. My wound isn't throbbing any more which is right on time. I asked for pain meds earlier and they should kick-in before the marijuana wears off.

Getting Off Drugs to Change My Life

I know I'm supposed to get off drugs to change my life but I simply cannot function with the pain. Sometimes I can't sleep it hurts so much.

Aside from the pain, the wound is healing well. The woundvac is doing an excellent job at accelerating the healing process even though it's been acting up lately. It's been getting loud and temperamental.

Sometimes the woundvac will beep then indicate it is low on battery power or it will beep then stop. I've started to turn it on and off when it acts up which usually fixes the beeping noise.

The wound will heal well and I'll be able to change my life for the better.

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