Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blue Green Patterned Abstract Image

I created this blue green patterned abstract image using a kaleidoscope app from Google Play. I simply enjoy creating these images because it keeps me busy and it's a great hobby.

And, believe it or not, creating abstract images is helping me change my life for the better. I've been off meth for more than thirty days and I don't have any cravings.

Blue Green Abstract Image

Changing My Life One Abstract Image After Another

Art therapy is a class that's offered at most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers because it is extremely effective at helping clients pursue other interets. One of the biggest challenges addicts face upon graduation from rehab is finding something they can do with their time. Clients who are not employed are especially prone to relapse simply because they have too much time on their hands.

I plan to pursue creating abstract images and I may even get into photography. Creating content if that nature is very rewarding and it's an easy way to help others as we all need our picture taken once and a while.

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