Thursday, September 3, 2015

WP Post that didn't Get Published

Last Thursday I injured my right ankle while trying to inject 50 percent of a 100 milligram morphine pill. I get morphine because of bone pain throughout my body, so I'm accustomed to the large amounts.

My battle with drug addiction isn't a secret anymore because of this blog since it empowers me to be myself. I can be as open and as honest as I want to be and feel good about it. And writing on this blog really is helping me change my life

The text below is an email that I sent to my housing manager. I'm having issues with the retention specialist assigned to my case. This occurred well before I became hospitalized.

Hi Monica,

As always I hope you are well and smiling. I received a message from Kaseem about meeting at the Tropica on Friday. On Tuesday, I spoke to Kaseem at length regarding you guys performing a unit inspection.

I should be given ample notice from Brilliant Corners before a unit inspection can be performed. Please see the attachment. I have been bed ridden for the better part of a week because of the busted ankle and it wouldn't be fair to me to impose an inspection this week.

I'll be at the doctor's office on Friday so I won't be home. Can we please reschedule the meeting for the middle of next week.

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