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Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Think I F-ed Up Yesterday Afternoon

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I'm glad you're here because I need all the help I can get. I titled this post, "I Think I F-ed Up Yesterday", because I'm still a patient at the San Francisco Nursing Center, and there was an issue with someone who arrived to visit me yesterday afternoon.

My visitor brought marijuana which he wanted to share with me but we had to go outside to smoke the weed. I asked one of the head nurses if I had to sign-out and he told me I couldn't go outside the facility.

After the nurse advised me that I had no rights, I told him they couldn't hold me hostage and that I was going out. I wanted to smoke weed and visit in privacy with my friend who came a long way so we could spend time together.

The discussion with the nurse occurred simultaneously as I was trying to insert the footrest on the wheelchair I was sitting on. I gave up trying to get the footrest in place when the nurse began saying the same thing and went outside with the friend in tow.

One of the reasons I thought I fucked up by going outside the facility was because I had just gotten done telling Mary Beth, my case manager, I might do well in an SRO environment that provides services. I also told her that I was institutionalized, and would probably do well in that kind of environment.

It turns out I didn't screw up because according to facility protocol I am able to go out with a visitor. The nurse screwed up, not me.