Thursday, August 20, 2015

Maybe a Harm Reduction Program will Help Me Change My Life

I Got Into a Drug Dependency Treatment Program then Relapsed

Very recently I entered a 90 day drug rehab facility only to leave a couple weeks later. I received treatment at the Baker Street facility which is under the umbrella organization Baker Places.

The alcohol and drug dependency programs offered at Baker Places are top notch and the staff are college trained. The only problem is the company hires people that consistently bump heads with people who are Trying to change their life.

While I was at Ferguson Place a man named 'Tom' was asked to leave because he became irritate after a counselor literally got in his face and yelled at him as loud as she could. It was like watching peers argue instead of a professional and a client.

Can an Inexperienced 20 Something Help an Addict Change His or Her Life?

I experienced a similar event at Ferguson Place as well when a different counselor slammed a phone in my hand in an effort to let me 'have it' for becoming upset about a missed phone call. She was only a few years out of school so I thought it was youth and inexperience that caused her to get down to level.

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Enough of that jazz ;) the text below is an email I sent to my case manager two days after I relapsed and didn't return to the facility. I'm still going to attempt sobriety because I'm too tired of living the life of an addict.

Hi Mary Beth,

I got your message. Thanks for calling and for the support. I'm sorry I f-ed up.

A few minutes ago I spoke to Jane at Baker Street to arrange a time tonight to collect my belongings. I have a doctor's appointment in a few hours so I'll be able to get the med release Baker Street requires to release my medication.

What matters now is whether or not I remain in relapse mode. I'm thinking of detox then a harm reduction program. I'm willing to try something different in order to change my life for the better .

I'm not going to give up on attaining sobriety. There are people in my life who care about me and professionals like you and Carina that are offering support and guidance.

It'll work out well. I haven't consumed any drugs since Monday morning and I feel good.

Ramiro Rodriguez

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