Thursday, August 27, 2015

Magical Woman In the Desert or Trick Photography

When I first viewed the photograph below, my eyes opened wider, then I immediately attempted to figure out the photography technique used to create such a captivating image. I still don't know exactly how the photographer did it, but I have some ideas. Remember I am new to digital art.

Photo credit: 小唐与大圈 @tangsi

I'll be able to perform research tomorrow on the specific technique that was used to shoot the picture. I've been working all day and it's after midnight here in San Francisco. For now, let's enjoy the entertainment.

Digital Art is Helping Me Change My Life

The abstract image below is more along the lines of my knowledge of photography. I became a student of digital art after downloading a photography app from

If you cruise this blog for a few minutes you'll find a lot of digital images I created using several Android apps. The applications nowadays are so simple and intuitive it's incredibly easy for anyone to instantly become creative.

I write for several blogs and I enjoy posting visual content as well as text. I also create videos out of the leftover abstract images so I'm constantly creating content online.


Photo credit: @ricoramiro1 on

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