Saturday, June 20, 2015

Started a Journal a Few Months Ago to Help Me Record & Remember My Life

Hello Journal,

Long time no see! I've really missed you, Journal. You were a big help in getting me through the Redwood Center drug rehab in 2006 and I haven't forgotten how you changed fate in my favor more than once.

I remember I needed money so I wrote that I had money in my journal and a couple days later I found $20. I also wrote how lucky I was and good things began happening to me. I won a contest and I was elected house leader for two weeks.

I didn't do very well after leaving the Redwood Center because I began drinking and doing drugs again within a week of my graduation. It's incredibly difficult to change in a short period of time. Any lasting change has to be worked on for months if not years.

I did go back into treatment after that and I was able to remain sober for a good while. I think I was off drugs for more than six months that time which is a long stretch for an addict that's been in the scene for more than 25 years.

Maintained a Journal to Help Me Change in 2006

I worded the salutation by saying hello to my journal because I maintained a daily diary in 2006 and it really helped me organize my thoughts and it helped with performing affirmations. Written affirmations are very powerful because they manifest just like spoken affirmations, only faster.

At any rate, I haven't used the new journal in the same method I used in the past so I'm not getting the same results. It's still incredibly helpful. Maintaining a journal offers many benefits the biggest of which it helps to clarify thoughts so it's easier to make decisions that are important.

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