Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Were 2 Police Officers Murdered in Mississippi?

benchhane suspects kill 2 peace officers out of hatred, or was it simply a desire to evade arrest?

Two police officers were shot and killed in Mississippi last night.  I am wondering if the murders were simple a desire to get away from the police, or if they were committed out of hatred or out of a perceived wrong.

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Before you get into this article, you should know I am a career criminal. I just want to set the record straight. I am speaking from extensive first-hand  experience that goes back to 1982.

I have been pulled-over and taken into custody by security guards and police more times than I care to count. And yes, I have been abused by officers of the law, but it was only after  I became problematic. Most of the time the officer gave me plenty of chances to behave or to follow orders.

Most police officers want to deal with suspects quickly to get them out of the way. They don't really want to arrest anyone unless the person has a bench  warrant out for his or her failure to appear in court.

Out of more than 30 years of dealing with peace officers on the street and Sheriff Deputies inside county jails.  I have experienced only one police officer that actually wanted to arrest someone simply   to go to the station.  

My experience has been that 98% of the time you get treated better if you show the police officer that you are not a threat to him or her. You can do that by:

Obeying every command no matter how irrelevant or unnecessary you think it is.

Make sure your hands are visible at all times.

Do not speak unless you are spoken to at the outset.  Let the police tell you what is going on before you make a statement. You could talk yourself into jail. It is better not to speak at all until you talk to an attorney.  Trust me, heed that warning.

You do not owe the police anything. They are not your friend although they may appear friendly and use your name consistently. Make it a policy not to talk to police officers about any of your cases and you'll have a better chance at beating a case even if you are guilty.

Lastly, when you respond to a question by a police officer, say yes sir, and no sir.  If you respect the police they will respect you.

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