Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Use Story Telling to Create the Life You Want

Story telling is big right now. In fact, it's become the new buzz word after replacing social media.

The good news is you can use story telling to help you get the life you desire. Read the article below to discover how to do it.

Craft Your Own Story

Does your life differ from the life you want? Part of the work of getting from where you are to where you want to be is making real changes. But that's not the place to start.

Start by imagining the life you want. Imagine it in some detail. (Some might call this daydreaming.)

Don't get off course by imagining someone else's life — the life you'd want if your parents were billionaires, or the life you'd want if you won the lottery. Imagine your life if you were the sort of person you want to be.

Now tell the story. How would that person get from where you are now to where that person would want to be?

In my case, I wanted to be a writer. I put aside imagined lives in which I lived in a big house, drove a fast car, and owned all the latest fancy tech gadgets — which would have been possible, if I'd wanted to go on being a software engineer — and instead imagined a life where I did exactly what I wanted to do: Jump out of bed every day so I could spend a few hours writing.

Telling myself that story was a key step in making it happen. It didn't just give me a reason to save money instead of buying something; it changed me from the sort of person who bought those things into the sort of person who didn't buy those things — because he was a writer.

Tell yourself the story of who you want to be; that's how you become that person. Don't leave that power in the hands of the marketers.

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