Friday, September 12, 2014

The Daily Challenge and Self-Compassion Letter to Dear John

Recently I joined a website named the Daily Challenge. I joined it because I know I need help if I want to improve my life and be happy. I also joined because I’m going to be moving out of the rehab I’m in now in about four weeks and I want to establish some kind of support network online. 

At any rate, the Daily Challenge website sends its members a challenge every day.  The challenges are designed to help us grow both spiritually and emotionally.  A few days ago I received a challenge which was to write a letter to a friend that has an issue playing the same problems over and over in his head. 

Writing the letter is an exercise in self-compassion which is something I’ve been practicing for a few months.  Self-compassion is a great way to slowly change the inner dialogue in our head and to stop the endless negative chatter that calls us stupid.

I have this problem so I jumped at the chance to perform this daily challenge.  I wrote the letter below to my friend to help him let go of thinking about the same problems over and over.  I couldn’t think of a name fast enough so I choose the name John, as in ‘Dear John’. 

Dear John,
I know you had some issues with Monica and Mary Beth and you yelled at them.  You were only trying to protect yourself because you know what’s going to happen if you move to the Granada.
Go easy on yourself because you’re supposed to support yourself.  You were only doing what comes naturally.  Try to be cognizant of the fact that you are human and you make mistakes on a daily basis.
Think about only the good things in your life and you’ll experience only good things.  When you dwell on the bad, you get only more of that and you’ll never change your life for the better.

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