Saturday, September 20, 2014

Important Steps You Can Take to Prevent Dementia Today and Tomorrow

I think I've written on this blog before that I subscribe to a website named the Daily Challenge.  Today the site present me with this article How to Avoid Dementia.  And it's so important I thought I'd pass it along.

It's a quick read so it'll only take a moment of your time.  It can help you learn how to avoid other stuff when you reach your golden years.  Take a moment and invest in your future self and as always, thanks for reading my Trying to Change My Life blog.

Click on the link below to read:

Five Steps You Can Take to Prevent Dementia - Well-Being Wire - Daily Challenge - MeYou Health:

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After you're done reading that, come back here and read about how to improve your life and be happy by writing a journal.

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