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Writing a Journal while Living at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center

I wrote the article below on June 6th, 2014, while I was living at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center. Laguna Honda has a really great rehabilitation center which provides a number of therapies for patients with a variety of health issues. I was a patient at Laguna Honda for two months.
They treated me for a bone infection that I contracted after I had an operation to repair a metacarpal fracture on my left hand.  I got the operation at San Francisco General Hospital after I went to the emergency room at St. Francis Memorial Hospital.

The doctors at SFGH tried a lot of different antibiotics until they found that Vancomycin was working well at combating the bacteria.  Vancomycin is administered via an IV line so the doctors that were treating me ordered a PIC line installed in my right arm and sent me to Laguna Honda.

While I was at Laguna Honda I started a journal to chronicle the activities that occurred while I was there.  The text below was written on 6/6/14 after I'd had a long day.

Laguna Honda Hospital's New Building
It is 7:20 p.m. and I've had a long and challenging day.  I went to SFGH for an appointment with the plastics doctor.  He removed the two pins I had in my hand holding my metacarpal bone in place while it healed.  I still cannot bend the index finger on my left hand and it feels very stiff.  The doctor recommended that I continue to perform occupational therapy exercises so that the muscles in my hand can get back to normal.  

I broke the second metacarpal (index finger) of my left hand when I punched a guy in the face.  He tried to rip me off for a bag of heroin so I socked him so hard I busted my finger.  More than a few people said I should have just walked away and after suffering so much with my broken hand, I think they are right.

At any rate, the bone on my left hand was so badly broken the doctor had to install three large pins inside my hand to hold the bone in place so that it could heal properly.  He did a good job.  I still cannot bend my finger, but I plan on healing it by visualizing my hand as being normal.

There's a new nurse on my unit who started two days ago.  He enjoys saying that he's the best nurse in the unit and encouragers patients to call him the best.  He also enjoys spouting rules and regulations.  About an hour ago I asked him if he could change the dressing on my Pic line and he told me not to touch it and that it can only be changed once a week.

I lost my temper and loudly let him know that I've had this pic line in my arm for two months and that I know what has to be done.  I told him the dressing had to be changed because none of the other nurses did it during the week. 

To get to SFGH today I had to board a shuttle bus which included two other people from Laguna Honda.  One of those two people was an employee escorting a patient who is in a wheel chair.  She loudly shouted for me to board the shuttle as if she were my mother.  I ignored her and continue to talk to a friend while I waited for the shuttle bus drive to get in the driver’s seat.  

The shuttle driver wasn't ready to leave for the reason he was waiting for another passenger.  After it was discovered the other passenger already departed, I got inside the shuttle for the trip to SFGH.  When we arrived at the hospital the escort told me to follow her inside the hospital. 

I told her I was going to smoke a cigarette before I went inside the hospital.  For some reason she thought she was escorting me as well as the other Laguna Honda patient and that I had to do what she commanded.  I had to show her a document I received from my nurse that showed I didn't require an escort.  I think she just had a power trip going on because she was continuously yelling orders at the other patient.   

I smoked weed today.  I bought $5 worth of weed yesterday off a friend named Felix, so I smoked a half joint in the morning and a half joint after dinner.  I have a small joint left which I'm going to smoke after I'm done writing this journal entry.

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