Thursday, August 28, 2014

Seeking Felix to Buy Mexican Bammer Weed

I had a session today with Dr. Austin. She seems to be checking me out to determine my mental capacity and acuity.  She was staring at me which is what made me realize she was checking me out.  She's very smart and I learned a lot from her in only few sessions.

I left the hospital today and I smiled when I got back.  I'm so grateful I'm here because I was in jail when they accepted me into their skilled nursing program.

Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center is a very nice place and the staff is top notch. They're very caring and not at all judgmental. When I left the hospital I took the 44 bus because it travels through Golden Gate Park.

For some reason I felt like taking the trip downtown via the scenic route. When I arrived downtown I went to Jones and Golden Gate Avenue to look for Felix, a friend I've known for about a decade.

I was looking for Felix for two reasons. The first reason was I wanted to see him and the second to buy weed. Felix and I have been selling marijuana on Jones and Golden Gate since 2005. We sold nickel bags of Mexican Bammer weed because it was a good seller.

He is Puerto Rican like me and we hit it off as soon as we meet on the streets of San Francisco.  When we met in '05 he was living with a crack addicted woman named Norma.  She was strikingly beautiful, but the drugs really did damage to her beauty.

I went to the post office to cash a money order my mom sent for $60 and I bought the weed from Felix.  I smoked it before I got back to the hospital.

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