Friday, August 29, 2014

My Housing Case Manager is Not Doing Her Job

I’m currently in a drug rehab facility and I have a housing case manager that’s supposed to help me find a place to live once I complete the required 90 days of treatment.  The city of San Francisco created a program called Scattered Site Housing for chronically homeless people and people that may end up using county resources such as hospitals and shelters and even jail.

The program is going to pay my rent while I secure an income so I don’t have to pay any money up front.  I’m also in another program called the Community Living Fund which is going to pay my rent deposit and purchase furniture and anything else I need to create a decent home for myself.

When I begin getting a monthly check, I’ll pay 50% of my income for rent.  Meanwhile, I don’t pay anything at all.  It’s a sweet deal for me because it gets me off the streets, off drugs and it gets me started on the way to building a new life for myself. 

I am very thankful that I’m in the Scattered Site Housing program.  It is going to help me save my life.  Literally.  If you are an addict, you know what I’m talking about.

The problem I’m having is that my case manager hasn’t done anything for me except offer me an SRO (single room occupancy) room in the Granada Hotel.  I told her 3 or 4 times that I didn’t want to live in an SRO.  The Scattered Site Housing program is supposed to find me an apartment, not an SRO!

I have only 30 days left here in the rehab facility and I still don’t have an apartment.  I talked to my intensive case manager and she suggested that I contact my case manager for housing and tell her I want to talk to her supervisor. 

I sent my worker the following email:


As always I hope you are doing well.  I'm writing to ask for your supervisor's name, phone number and email address. 

I'd like to setup a meeting with her to discuss my housing options and to ask if she can appoint someone else to help me find a place.

You've had my file for more than 60 days and the only option you have presented me with is the Granada.  I told you I didn't want to live at the Granada when we first met at Laguna Honda and you've offered it to me three more times since then.

The only thing I want is a decent apartment to live in while I change my life.  I thought that's why the city of San Francisco created the Scattered Site program.  An SRO is not an apartment.  I'm sorry it has come to this.  You told me that you'd do two things when we first met.

1. You said you'd find me an apartment.  
2. And that I'd have options.

Since I left Laguna Honda you haven't contacted me with any news on my file or for any other reason.  I had to call you, and you again offered me the Granada and I told you again that I didn't want to live there.  Then you called my case manager Mary Beth and told her you had a room available at the Granada.  And I said no again.

Thank you for understanding my position and for sending me your supervisor's name, phone number and email address.

I hope I can get a new housing case manager.  It is crunch time and I want to get out of this rehab.  I’m very confident that I can stay clean on my own.  Thanks for reading my Trying to Change My Life blog.

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