Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm Angry at PsychCentral for Publishing an Article Entitled Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work

I'm extremely angry at Sophie Henshaw, a doctor of psychology who writes articles for the PsychCentral website.  I'm angry because she recently posted an article entitled, "Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work".   She offered an alternative method for using positive affirmations, but the title of the article can be misleading.
Positive affirmations do work and if used properly, they can help anyone create the kind of life they desire.  I know this first hand because I've been using positive affirmations successfully for more than 25 years.  I've used affirmations to heal my bleeding gums, to get money and to become more confident around people.

Dr. Henshaw began her article by writing the following text:

Control your thoughts and you create your reality. A positive mindset begets positive end results. These popular tenets are espoused by the likes of Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins and countless other self-help gurus. The problem is, they don’t actually work.

Believe me, positive affirmations are the only way to control your thoughts and get what you want (see the video below).  When you say an affirmation over and over you'll slowly begin to think about what you say in the affirmation, instead of those self-defeating thoughts you don't want to think about.  It's happened to me time after time, so I speak from experience!

The only reason so many people claim that affirmations do not work is because they give up before the affirmation manifests.  Or they tried an affirmation for only one week.  Some things take longer to manifest than others, but generally, you'll need more than one week to change your thoughts and create what you want.  Success and self-improvement go hand-in-hand, if you want to succeed in life you have to create some sort of self-improvement program.

A simple self-improvement program can be something like saying an affirmation every morning for 10 minutes at a stretch.  Let's call it 'performing a mental exercise'.   An affirmation that's said over and over for 10 minutes every day will not only help you change your thoughts, it will help you change your life.

At any rate, Dr. Henshaw's article talks about a study that was conducted which looked at how people phrased affirmations.  The study revealed that affirmations that were phrased in the form of a question yielded better results than affirmations that were phrased as a declarative statement.  She may be on to something, but she should change the title of her article.

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